We have heard so many wonderful things about the Wildcliff wedding venue in Blackwater, MO. This was our first visit to this quarry wedding venue for a fall engagement session and it truly was beautiful. Stefanie and Sean were up for exploring the area with us and even braved the floating dock pulley system for crossing the quarry lake and posing in the cave! 

There is something about water that always has a feel of romance. Of course, Max and I were married on our New Hampshire backyard lake when we lived in New England, so I could be biased.  :)

Scroll down to see all of our favorite candid and natural style photos from this engagement session at the Wildcliff Wedding venue. 

Wedding photographer at Wildcliff Venue capture engagement photos in the fall.

Romantic engagement photography at quarry wedding venue in Blackwater, MO.

Couple stands in cave at this Missouri quarry lake wedding venue.

Girl's hand holds dry fall leaf at Wildcliff in Blackwater, MO.Lake engagement photography at Wildcliff Quarry in MO.

Couple engagement photos in the fall at Wildcliff.Couple stands on dock in the middle of quarry lake at Wildcliff Weddings venue.Couple pulls rope in middle of lake at Wildcliff Wedding venue in MO.

Couple stands on a bridge at outdoor wedding venue, Wildcliff.Fall leaf floating in quarry water at Wildcliff Wedding Venue in Blackwater.