So, we don’t normally post tons of personal photos here, but our St. George Island beach vacation was just so beautiful. This was the first time we’ve taken a “real” family vacation with our two boys (who are now 5 and 3). Max’s parents came with us, and it was incredible to have a couple of extra hands around! We rented a little bungalow right on the water and spend the mornings and evenings watching dolphins swim by.

Although we have taken shorter trips with the kids, this was the first time that a family vacation felt truly enjoyable. Past “vacation” highlights include a toddler that wanted to be awake from 2 am – 5 am, a baby who came down with HFM with a super high fever, attempting to travel with 90 pieces of kid-gear, changing diapers every hour, leaving museums after 10 minutes to nurse, and on and on.

I always knew (or desperately hoped) that things would get easier, and they officially have. Our kids did great on the 12 hour drive to Florida. They actually slept all night for the entire vacation and we didn’t need to bring 90 pieces of kid-gear with us! Jack fell in love with boogie boarding and we ate dinners outside at the picnic table with no one needing stitches! Not even one! Charlie wasn’t the biggest fan of the beach, and one morning told Max, “I do not like the beach. I do not like the sand or the water. I do not like the sun, and I do not like the wind,” but hey, at least we could reason with him and say things like, “I’ll give you extra ice cream after dinner if you come sit in the cabana with me!!”.

I’m just feeling so excited to get back to traveling. After this vacation, I feel like we have a few extra folks in the family who will be excited to travel too. Thanks to Joel Sager for the amazing recommendation of SGI, we are already looking at the calendar for next spring.

A brown pelican flies in front of a full moon on St. George Island in Florida.
St. George Island lighthouse with boy running in water.
A man holds a boogie board on St. George Island while dolphins swim behind him.
The St. George Island Visitor Center next to the lighthouse.
Rainbow houses in purple, yellow, lime green, pink and bright blue on St. George Island in Eastpoint, FL.
A beach house with a wooden sperm whale on St. George Island in Florida.
A boy smiling while boogie boarding on St. George Island in Florida.
Sunset light through blurry palm trees on St. George Florida.
Daycation beer sitting in sand on beach during Florida vacation.
The Willet shorebird walks along the surf at St. George Island in Eastopint, FL.
People relax by a cabana during their beach vacation on St. George Island.
Two brown pelicans are in sync diving for fish on St. George Island.
Kids looking for ghost crabs with flashlights at night on St. George Island, FL.
A ghost crab on the beach using flashlight on St. George Island beach at night.
Boy holding a ghost crab with headlamp on St. George Island during beach vacation.
Gulls in a line with yellow beach warning flag on St. George Island.
A gull feather sticks out of the sand with shells around it for this beach art on St. George Island, FL.
A white-eyed vireo hiding in beach grass on St. George Island in Eastpoint, FL.
A brown pelican diving off St. George Island.
Beautiful AirBnB rental home the Great Eskaype on St. George Island.
A older man in an orange sweatshirt walks along the shore on St. George Island in Florida.