The Sager Braudis Gallery in downtown Columbia feels like a second home to me (albeit one that is much better decorated than mine). Max and I spend every First Friday we can at the gallery, enjoying the art, music and laughter with our best friends. So when Kevin reached out to me about photographing his wedding there, and mentioned the Sager Braudis wedding venue, I literally jumped for joy. Kevin and Adam met while in school at MU several years ago. Although they had to plan their wedding from Chicago, getting married in Columbia was the perfect place for these two.

Scroll down to see all of our favorites from this gay wedding in Columbia, MO… and don’t miss the awesome dance photos at the end!

As a gay wedding photographer, this Sager Braudis wedding in Columbia, MO was beautiful.Gay couple shows off their wedding rings before their Sager Braudis wedding at the art gallery in Mid-MO.The Sager Braudis wedding venue is an art gallery in downtown Columbia, MO.Herb planters were centerpieces at this Sager Braudis wedding in Columbia.The Sager Braudis art gallery serves as a unique wedding venue for couples in Columbia, MO.This gay couple walks into their Sager Braudis wedding ceremony surrounded by art work.Gay couple gets married at an art gallery in downtown Columbia, MO.The indoor ceremony for this Sager Braudis wedding ceremony in November.Happy gay wedding photography at the Sager Braudis art gallery in CoMo.Gay couple has a quaker wedding ceremony at Sager Braudis art gallery.Candid wedding photography at this gay wedding at the Sager Braudis art gallery.Groom reads his vows from the iphone at the Sager Braudis gallery in Columbia.Guests at this gay wedding at the Sager Braudis gallery laugh during ceremony.Documentary photos of this gay wedding at the Sager Braudis wedding venue.Funny moment during gay wedding at Sager Braudis art gallery.Quaker wedding speeches at Sager Braudis art gallery.Gay wedding at the Sager Braudis art gallery in Columbia.Gay couple kisses at the end of their ceremony inside of the Sager Braudis art gallery.Joyful wedding photography at the end of this gay wedding at Sager Braudis gallery.Guests congratulate gay couple after wedding in Columbia.Adorable baby at this Sager Braudis wedding reception.Fine art photo of gay couple at Sager Braudis gallery.Looking into the Sager Braudis gallery during a winter wedding ceremony.Colorful cards for the newlyweds at art gallery wedding.Logboat beer for Sager Braudis wedding reception.Funny wedding portrait Sager Braudis winter wedding.Candid cocktail hour guest photos at Sager Braudis.Wedding guest smiling at Sager Braudis art gallery.Cocktail hour inside of Sager Braudis art gallery for wedding reception.Parents have emotional dance at Sager Braudis wedding venue in downtown Columbia, MO.Fun dance photo of groom's mom and wedding guest at Sager Braudis.Wild dancing at Sager Braudis art gallery wedding reception.Gay couple dances at Sager Braudis art gallery wedding reception.Wild dancing by wedding guests at Sager Braudis.Funny dancing at Sager Braudis art gallery in Columbia, MO.Silly dancing at theater wedding at Sager Braudis.Gay couple dancing at Sager Braudis art gallery.Sager Braudis wedding reception dance floor.Fun wedding reception inside at Sager Braudis gallery in November.Hilarious dance off between groom and guest at Sager Braudis gallery.Indoor wedding reception at Sager Braudis gallery in Columbia, MO.Gay wedding photography at Sager Braudis art gallery.Romantic wedding photo of gay couple at Sager Braudis art gallery venue.

More about this Sager Braudis Wedding in Columbia:

So, next year will be our tenth year photographing weddings and I think we are past 160 weddings so far. When Kevin and Adam read their vows to each other, I think there were more tears of joy in the audience than I have EVER witnessed. At one point, I turned my camera to the crowd to document guests. Literally everyone in the frame was wiping their eyes! I always get a little emotional during the vows (maintaining my steady camera hand of course), but documenting gay weddings, where two people who are in love can legally get married and announce that love proudly to the world is just a whole other level of emotion. I was so honored to be a part of this wedding. Both for the love Kevin and Adam have for each other, and to stand up for all kinds of love everywhere.

I think one of my favorite things about this wedding was the Quaker style ceremony. Kevin and Adam entered the room hand in hand. After a few words from their officiant, friends and family stood up to speak. Time didn’t allow for everyone to speak, but this couple had a plan for that. Guests could write their thoughts in a card and seal in an envelope. The cards were then mailed to the newlyweds the following week. This was doubly awesome because in the week following their wedding, they moved to New York City. What an incredible way to begin a new life, surrounded by messages of love from your friends and family!

Thanks to Kevin and Adam for hiring us to document such an important day in their lives. It might take another 160 weddings for a dance party to rival yours!

Thanks to the following vendors at this Sager Braudis wedding:

Venue – Sager Braudis Gallery

Coordinator – Samantha Boisclair

Kevin and Adam’s suits – Men’s Wearhouse

Catering – Seoul Taco

Doughnuts – Harold’s

Herb planter centerpieces – Wilson’s Garden Center

Tables & Chairs – A1 Rental

Officiant – Myra Lewis

Kevin’s Witness – Rita Tobin

Adam’s Witness – Ryan Levi