Tracy and Danielle’s backyard wedding felt like a winter wonderland in Columbia, MO. This was our first Missouri same sex wedding, and it was an honor to document such an important day for these two people in love. Danielle and Tracy lucked out with a friend who had a rustic barn in his backyard. When he offered the property to them for the wedding day, they obviously said YES! With a snowy landscape and stunning views that overlooked Rock Bridge State Park, this backyard was the perfect place to say their vows. Danielle did an incredible job of transforming the barn into a cozy and romantic space.

Fabric scrap garlands and burlap runners decorated the walls and tables. Baskets of colorful handmade quilts and tapered candles created an inviting warmth into the room. Even the rustic harvest tables and solid wood benches were made by the owner of the property. The focal point in the room though, was a bright yellow canoe that hung from the ceiling. I’m not sure if this was an intentional decor idea, or it’s usual parking place, but it looked amazing! Every winter wedding needs a smore’s bar and hot cocoa table. Guests, young and old, were thoroughly entertained by roasting their marshmallows over the chafing dish candles.

We have photographed hundreds of weddings. Every wedding is unique, and of course we enjoy all of the details that make every wedding so colorful. As documentary photographers though, the real joy of our job is capturing the moments that tell the story of two people professing their love and commitment to each other. Documenting a community coming together to support and share in the happiness of the couple is what it’s really about. We were so incredibly proud to capture those moments for Tracy and Danielle’s same sex wedding, and wish them the best in all of their future adventures together.
Two women embrace in snowy woods during their same sex wedding in Columbia, MO.This rustic barn was the perfect winter venue for this gay wedding in Columbia, MO.A yellow canoe hangs from the ceiling inside of this barn for a winter wedding ceremony in Missouri.A simple sign for hot cocoa and coffee on a burlap table at this winter wedding in mid-Missouri.A fabric scrap garland of beige, blush and white lace fabric was draped around the barn for this winter wedding in MO.Candles and green garlands line this harvest table at this winter wedding in MO.Personalized glasses and a modern wood cut cake topper were on display at this winter wedding in MO.A friend helps set up this winter wedding baked potato bar before the barn ceremony.Antique tools line this tall wooden cabinet as a unique backdrop at this winter wedding in MO.Awesome idea for a winter wedding treat, this smores bar had marshmallows, chocolate and an indoor roasting set up.The owner of the property tends to the fire pit for this same-sex winter wedding in Columbia, MO.Simple idea for decorating the outside of a winter wedding venue with pine cones, antique studded glass vase and candles.Two women wait outside of the barn for their grand entrance of their same sex winter wedding in Columbia, MO.Tracy and Danielle enter the barn for their same sex wedding in Columbia, MO.Two women read their handwritten vows to each other during their same sex wedding in January.Great documentary photo of the bride crying and laughing while reading her vows to her partner during their gay wedding ceremony.Candid moments of guests and family watching the winter wedding ceremony in the barn.Missouri same sex wedding ceremony between two queer women in Columbia, MO.Partners exchange rings in this queer wedding ceremony in a barn in MO.Documentary wedding photo of couple reading handwritten vows during this Missouri same sex wedding.Missouri same sex wedding kiss at the end of the barn ceremony during this winter wedding.Happy and candid wedding ceremony photos of this queer couple during same sex wedding.This couple hugs supportive friends after their gay wedding ceremony in mid-MO.Great documentary photo of the bride laughing with her best friend after her same sex ceremony in the winter.Group photo of friends after this winter wedding in Columbia, MO.Natural style wedding party portrait after this queer ceremony in Columbia.Smore's bar at this winter barn wedding in Columbia, MO.Funny documentary photo of a little girl giving a mean look while eating lunch at this winter barn wedding in MO.Loaded baked potato bar lunch wedding idea at this winter wedding in mid-MO.Natural wedding photos of guests in winter barn wedding in MO.Documentary photo of two sisters laughing at a winter wedding in a barn in Columbia, MO.Colorful handmade quilt and card games are great ideas for this winter wedding in mid-MO.Missouri same sex wedding photographers capture candid and natural moments at queer wedding in Columbia, MO.Queer couple signs their official marriage license certificate after their same sex wedding ceremony.Marriage license for a gay couple in Columbia, MO after their winter wedding.

Wedding rings on a handmade colorful quilt for this winter wedding.Fine art style photo of the wedding rings in an antique jar with pine cones for this January wedding.Photo of two queer women holding hands before their same sex ceremony in mid-MO.A couple laughs in the snowy woods before their Missouri same sex wedding ceremony.Ethereal photo of a queer couple surrounded by trees before their same sex ceremony in a barn.Queer couple poses with their dogs before their same sex wedding ceremony and reception.A queer couple poses on a snowy road before their same sex wedding ceremony in Columbia.A queer couple kissing in snowy woods before their backyard barn wedding in mid-MO.Happy queer couple smiling for a portrait before their gay wedding ceremony in Missouri.Candid photo of a queer couple laughing outside of their winter wedding barn venue.Happy couple laughing and smiling in the snowy woods before their same sex wedding ceremony in mid-MO.