Audrey and Adam are big fans of bicycling, so it only made sense to visit the MKT / Katy Trail in Columbia, MO for part of their woodsy engagement photography session. The Katy Trail is the longest “rails to trails” project in America, and stretches across most of Missouri. Half of the trail runs along the Missouri River and is bordered by towering limestone cliffs. We found some lovely spots on the MKT portion of the trail, which connects to the Katy Trail just south of Columbia… katy-trail-engagement-photography-mo-01katy-trail-engagement-photography-mo-02katy-trail-engagement-photography-mo-03katy-trail-engagement-photography-mo-04katy-trail-engagement-photography-mo-05katy-trail-engagement-photography-mo-06katy-trail-engagement-photography-mo-07katy-trail-engagement-photography-mo-08katy-trail-engagement-photography-mo-09katy-trail-engagement-photography-mo-10