If I could spend the entire wedding off-season specializing in artsy baby photography sessions around Columbia, MO, I’d have it made! Eight month old baby Laila was such a joy to photograph, and OMG–that red hair! Her talented mama Elizabeth, owner of Greenhouse Theater Project, invited me over for coffee and a little mini photo shoot at home last week. Here are some favorite candid and natural photos of this beautiful ginger baby… I especially love the first photo of her in the jumper! Oh, and before the questions start rolling in, that amazing turmeric sweater Laila is wearing was made by local knitting legend, Amy Stambaugh of Wool Crush.

Artsy and documentary baby photography of eight month old in doorway bouncer at home in Columbia, MO.
Artsy photo of a redheaded baby eyelashes from above in Columbia, MO.
Candid photo of mother changing baby's diaper on Keekaroo Peanut at home during photo shoot in MO.
Owner of the Greenhouse Theater Production in Columbia, MO holds her eight month old baby Laila at home.
Funny close up photo of ginger baby's face pursing her lips at home.
Artsy baby photography session with detail photo of handmade welcome sign for baby Laila.
Funny photo of baby Laila yawning in her crib while Mom points to her.
Artsy baby photo of the mom and baby reflected in the mirror at home in Columbia, MO.
Tired redheaded baby on bed with modern metal crane mobile.
Close up photo of baby's hands holding Sophie the giraffe during an at home documentary shoot.
Mom leans over crib during candid baby photo session at home in Columbia, MO.
Sweet photo of a ginger baby face during a natural photography session in MO.
Laughing eight month old baby in handmade orange sweater by Wool Crush during a documentary photo shoot.

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